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Tantra Massage is one of the best introductions into Tantra. It is healing, relaxing, loving, sensual and sexual. This is a course for couples and during the workshop you will learn to give and receive powerful tantric massage
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Time and Location

05 okt. 2019 10:00 – 06 okt. 2019 16:00
Bromma Studio, Beckombergavägen 1, 168 54 Bromma, Sweden

The Event

This workshop revolves around your meeting and creating a bubble of intimacy around you. Tantra MAssage is about giving yourself fully and being able to receive equally much as it is about giving, unconditionally. Getting really close to your partner and opening up for vulnerability and longing as much as for power and strength. Maybe you have never been so close to your partner as you will during this weekend.

The workshop is about exploring the sexual energy as a creative force, as a driving force in everything you do in life and to synchronize your priorities with your longing and wanting. Through the meditations and exercises we do, we will release old programed patterns, we will open up the body for orgasmic energy and the healing power that comes through pleasure.

Regardless if you are new lovers or in a crisis in your relationship, tantra massage is healing, opening and will deepen your relationship and ability to experience pleasure together.

Many that attends our workshop in tantra massage are surprised about how much conscious touch releases and lets loose. How much clogged up feelings that are opened and how beautiful it is to finally feel. To be held in vulnerability, pleasure and ecstasy will bring you closer to your partner and make you more safe in yourself as a person.

This workshop suits both beginners and more advanced practitioners, but you will need an open mind since we are working with very powerful energy during the weekend. Therefore we ask you to send an email where you briefly tell us about yourself and what inspires you to practice Tantra and learn more about tantric and energetic touch.

Limited amount of participants.

Example of exercises:

Tantric eye gazing

Temple massage

Orgasmic breath

Energetic sex in the chakras

Tantric massage - technique to activate kundalini

Yoni & Lingam activation


Max number of participants - 11 couples


For booking of an event, please email me name, address, birthday and phone number and you will receive an invoice and a welcome letter in your email. You can use the contact form on the site or contact me at info@theartoflove.nu

PRICE: 5000 Sek per couple

Registration is Closed