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Eyegazing Challenge

Come and join me falling in love with life for the Valentines Day. A free workshop on Zoom that will change the way you look at life!
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Eyegazing Challenge

Time and Location

14 feb. 18:00 – 19:00

The Event

On Sunday we have a special day - a global day of love and celebration of the beloved. Let's take this day and turn it in to something special.

Let's fall in love with life.

One of my best tantric meditations to experience unconditional love and to get a glimpse of something eternal, omnipresent and divine - is eyegazing.

It is scientifically proven that eye contact that lasts more than 3 seconds can enhance feelings of love and it creates a feeling of deep understanding. It is also a classic tantric meditation that makes you see beyond the ego, beyond the samskaras and in to the source.

The cool thing is that is it 100% Covid safe.

You can do it in lockdown, cause you can do it your self, in the mirror and fall in love with your self.

You can do it to a friend or your beloved and you will fall in to deep and mutual love.

I want to challenge you to do as many eyegazing experiments as possible this week and meet up on zoom at 18.00 CEST to share your experiences and try other kinds of tantric meditations.

You can join this event as a beginner and total tantric rookie or as a advanced practitioner of tantra. It is powerful who ever you are...

And guess what... its FOR FREE!

Sign up by answering going to the Facebook Event and reply "coming" there. And please invite ALL your friends to join us!


Registration is Closed