tors 28 jan. | Lin Holmquist

Conscious Touch - ONLY FOR WOMEN

A workshop with healing touch. Give and receive pleasure, peace and deep relaxation in a safe space only with women.
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Conscious Touch - ONLY FOR WOMEN

Time and Location

28 jan. 15:00 – 18:00 CET
Lin Holmquist, Stockholm, Sweden

The Event

Touch is medicine and has a positive effect on us both physically and mentally. 

The workshop CONSCIOUS TOUCH - for women gives you the opportunity to be completely present in the experience of giving and receiving touch. 

You will be guided into a safe space where you will be confident in saying "no" to the touch you do not want and asking for the touch you want. We work in a small group of a maximum of 7 women and you will experience mindfulness in touch, embraces and deep relaxation. 


* Boundaries 

* Communication of your needs 

* Sharing 

* Tantric meditation 

* Touch exercises

* Breathwork 

* Deep relaxation 

Price: 990 kr 

Times: 3 PM. - 6 PM